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DinoRPGChampionship of the ClansNew Championship System

  1. How does the new Championship of the Clans work?

    • Step 1: Clans must register within the 7 days allocated for this.
    • Step 2: Teams must be created, which can be modified by the clan leader.
    • Step 3: The automatic clan ranking process begins after 7 days preparation
      From this step onwards, clans will no longer be able to recruit new members!
    • Step 5 - The Championship: 7 battles, each lasting 2 days (48 hours to be precise), with 1 day (24 hours) rest between battles.
    • Step 5: Distribution of prizes and rewards, and participating Dinoz will once again be able to level-up.
  2. How do the rankings work?

    For the forthcoming Championship of the Clans, the clans will be ranked before the Championship begins.

    This ranking will determine which battles each clan will participate in, and who will be in the same starting group. The more victories claimed by a clan, the further they will rise in the rankings and meet clans closer to their own level.

    This ranking will be based on the composition of the team which will represent the clan in the COTC. This team must be selected before the championship begins and cannot be changed during the event.

    Each team will therefore be given a power rating which will be calculates as described here, and clans will be arranged from strongest to weakest.

    The strongest team will be at the top of the rankings and the weakest at the bottom.

    All clans have a clearly-defined objective: win as many battles as possible.
    In fact, it doesn't matter whether you begin the event at the top, middle or bottom of the ranking, you will be rewarded based on merit. If you win more battles than you lose, you will definitely be rewarded. However, the final ranking could look a lot like the initial ranking, because the clans which are the most powerful at the beginning will logically also be the highest ranked at the end.

  3. How are teams selected?

    To participate in the Championship of the Clans, your Clan will need to select a team.
    The rules for creating a valid team are as follow:

    • Only Dinoz of Level 10 or higher can join the team.
    • A team must consist of a minimum of 30 Dinoz and a maximum of 100 Dinoz.
    • There is no restriction on the number of participating players.

    To register a Dinoz for the Clan team, simply go to the Dinoz' page and click "Join the team".

    The Clan has 7 days to pick their team starting from the moment the championship is announced.

    The clan will need to pay to register its team. The registration fee will be paid via a new interface which will allow you to transfer ingredients of your choosing to the championship fund.

    the clan leader will be able to remove any surplus Dinoz during this preparation stage. After 7 days, the team will automatically be confirmed and the Championship will begin.

    All clan members will receive any rewards arising from the clan's performance in the Championship.

  4. What are the restrictions on participating Dinoz?

    The levels of the participating Dinoz of a given Championship team will affect the initial ranking of that team.

    It will be possible for any Dinoz participating in the Championship to level-up during the event.

    Regarding spheres, a Dinoz will not be able to equip any Sphere skills once it has been registered for the team, and the final calculations of the team's power have been made.

  5. Is it possible to change Clan during the Championship?

    Starting from this Championship of the Clans, switching clans will be deactivated as soon as the first battle begins and will be suspended until the event is over and the prizes are awarded.

  6. Where will the battles take place?

    A clan participating in the COTC will have 7 battles, all of which will take place in the area around Dinotown.

  7. Advanced Questions

    • What happens when a clan member leaves the Clan?
      If the member had Dinoz registered for the Clan team, they will remain in the team until the end of the Championship. This represents a reall loss for the Clan, as they will retain the same power rating for the duration of the tournament.
      The Clan leader will retain the right to remove Dinoz from the team until the tournament officially starts.
    • What formula is used to calculate a Clan's power?
      The Clan's power is based on the 100 most powerful Dinoz in the team.
      • L = (Level of Dinoz - 1) + half of the spheres equipped on the Dinoz
      • N = Number of Dinoz in the Clan team
      • P = SUM (1,L) INT(1.1^(L-1))
    • Final Power = The sum of the power of the 100 most powerful Dinoz in the team.
      To make things easier for you, we invite you to use this spreadsheet showing the power rating corresponding for any level of Dinoz. The left-hand column shows the Dinoz' level and the right-hand column its power.
      • The DinoRPG Team reserves the right to modify the formula governing the ranking calculations at any time before the combats begin
    • How is the maximum permissable power calculated during the battle?
      This value relates to the average power of the Dinoz in the front lines of the 2 clans.
      The first line, which is defined as the 45 most powerful Dinoz that could possibly take to the battlefield.
      Therefore, in a battle between clan A and clan B, if the front line of clan A is worth 9000 and the front line of clan B is worth 11000, the maximum power authorised will be (9000+11000)/2, i.e. 10000.
    • What happens in the event of a tie?
      In this version, a winner has to be decided in order to move forward with the ranking table. Therefore, in the event of a draw, the winner will be selected at random.
    • What happens if there are an uneven number of participating clans?
      The clan at the bottom of the table will not have an opponent and cannot claim a victory at this time. The clan is guaranteed to meet an adversary in the next round.
  8. How do battles proceed?

    Once your Dinoz is registered for your Clan team and a battle is underway, you need to make your way to the location of the battlefield, and click on "join the battle"

    Once you are in the game, you will receive action points (AP).
    These AP are managed in different ways depending on the league:

    • A maximum of 15 AP can be accumulated.
    • One more AP is allocated to each Dinoz every 30 minutes.

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