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DinoRPGDojo Help

  1. Reputation and Merit

    Reputation and Merit are the values upon which your final position in the rankings is decided.

    These two values are very different from one another.
    Reputation represents a given Dojo's ability to complete the challenges assigned to it.
    A Dojo with a strong reputation will have completed a significant number of challenges and have proved its ability to complete the given objectives.

    On the other hand, Merit represents the number of battles won in relation to the total number of battles taken on.

    The ranking of Dojos takes these txo values into account and is calculated in the following way:

    reputation x (no. of battles won / total no. of battles)

    The rankings can be accessed via the Dojo Rankings page.

  2. Combat details

    Combats are always 1-on-1 in the challenge/qualification phase (unless skills which call in reinforcements are used), they have a set time limit, and consumable objects are deactivated (as are skills allowing a Dinoz to flee a combat).

    Each challenge has an associated objective relating to the combat. For example, you could be asked to:

    Win the fight, but in doing so, lose less than 20 health points.

    Once the combat is over, you can see the fight stats, and if you have completed the objective, you will be allocated additional reputation points.

  3. How do the points work?

    A successfully completed challenge wins 2 reputation points for your Dojo.

    If you also manage to complete the associated objective, you will gain 2 additional reputation points.

    You must defeat your adversary to complete the objective. If you are defeated, even if the objective is completed, no points will be awarded.

    These values could be adjusted as time goes on.

  4. Challenge details

    A combat takes place between 2 Dinoz, if you win, your Dojo's reputation improves and you can choose a new challenge. If you are defeated, you won't lose reputation points and the challenge will remain available

    A given Dinoz can only complete one of the ( proposed challenges. Therefore, you should be very careful about which Dinoz you select for each challenge.

    All your Dinoz will be available again if you manage to complete all 5 challenges in the series.

    Your Dinoz do not lose health points by taking on a challenge. They always begin the challeng with maximum health. Consumable objects cannot be used in the combat and only special objects can be used.

    This means that you need at least 5 Dinoz to be able to complete the series of 5 challenges.

    Finding a challenge too difficult? No worries, you can quit and reject the challenge by clicking on the small red cross which appears over the challenge.

    Warning: Rejecting a challenge causes your Dojo to lose reputation points!

    Remember, you must have attempted a challenge before you can reject it!

  5. Challenge combat configuration

    • A Dinoz can regenerate health
    • Scale cannot be used
    • Hypnosis cannot be used
    • There is no escape (using Black Hole etc.)
    • The Capture Glove cannot be used
    • Dinoz can only be equipped with permanent objects (unless otherwise specified by the Admin Team)
  6. Tournalent Combat Configuration

    • A Dinoz can regenerate health
    • Scale cannot be used
    • Hypnosis cannot be used
    • There is no escape (using Black Hole etc.)
    • The Capture Glove cannot be used
    • All equipment is permitted (unless otherwise specified by the Admin team)

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