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HelpSecurity of my account

  1. My username is similar to that of another player - I am worried that the administration think it is a multiaccount and delete it!

    We are aware that some players' usernames are similar to one another.

    Similarity of usernames is not and never will be the sole reason for the deletion of an account.

    Admittedly, sometimes this can be an early indicator of a multiaccount, which may arouse suspicion in other Dinoz Masters who will then contact the administration to report it. We will then use various technical methods at our disposal to examine the suspicious account(s), and if the accounts are found to be in breach of the game rules, they will be deleted without warning.

    If your username happens to be similar to that of another player, but you have nothing to do with that player and are playing by the rules, you will not have any problems.

    Remember: It is not necessary to contact an administrator if your username is similar to that of another player.

  2. Can I share the computer with a friend or a relation to play one or more of Motion Twin's websites?


    Several people can log in on the same computer to one or several of Motion Twin websites.

    It's not necessary to notify us if you share a computer with more Motion Twin players.

    Nevertheless, the fact of sharing the computer with another player doesn't exclude you from an account closure as the consequence of a lack of respect or a breach of the rules and general conditions.

    If the rules are broken the accounts will be deleted, independently of the fact that the computer is shared or any other circumstance that could seem exceptional.

    Remember that one person can only have one account. If an account is used by one or more people, it constitutes a direct violation of the rules, because it is considered as a loan from the creator of the account to a third party.

    Just stick to the rules and you won't have any problems.

    Remember! You don't have to notify the Administration team if you share a computer with another player on a Motion Twin website.

  3. Can an account be used by two people or more?


    The creator of the account is the sole and exclusive owner. If two people or more use an account it means that the creator and owner is lending his account and thus the account can be closed.

  4. Can I give, lend or sell my account?

    An account is strictly personal. It can't be exchanged, lent, sold, hired, or given temporarily or definitively in any way.

    The rules you have accepted when you created your account for the game explain this clearly.

    A single breach of the rules can justify permanent closure of an account. No financial compensation whatsoever can be given to the user.

    If you lend your account you also run the risk of theft. Account lending often leads to theft.

  5. Can I go to a Motion Twin fan website without any risk?

    There are a lot of help and forum websites which talk about Motion Twin games. These websites aren't official and they are not managed by Motion Twins members. They are usually managed by other players like you.

    It's useful to sign in these websites with the same username and password as the official website. NEVER use the same password, because it can be used by the administrator of the fan website to access your account on our game.

    Some websites offer an API key system or external id. Use it to log in to an unofficial website without giving your password. This will permit your identification on an unofficial website without risk.

  6. Why should I protect my email too?

    Our websites, and many others on Internet, have a retrieval password system which, when requested by a user, send an email with a user's data account.

    A simple access to your email will permit an unscrupulous person to recover your data account and steal your account. That's why you should protect your email too.

    More specifically, some services like Yahoo or MSN, for example, invite users to leave an answer to a ''Secret question''. If somebody, who knows you very well , can answer your question, then he will have access to your email and thus to your account data of our game.

    For security reasons, we suggest that you don’t define any ''Secret Question'' (usually you can disable it in your email account options) or use an answer as secret and obscure as your password.

  7. Someone is asking me for my password. What should I do?

    Don't trust him!

    An administrator or moderator will NEVER ask you for your password.

    Your password is necessary to identify you in a game. Administrators already have this information and they will never need it nor ask for it.

  8. How to avoid the theft of my account?

    • Choose a good password. It's essential to choose a good password. Please read the question How to choose a good password in order to increase security?
    • Email protection. The protection of your email account is as important as the protection of your player account. Please read the question Why should I protect my email too?
    • Don't give the password to anybody. NEVER give your password to ANYBODY. Even your brother or friend can play a bad trick on you. An administrator will NEVER ask you for your password.
    • Mistrust. Someone offers you something interesting (a code, for example) in exchange for your password. Don’t trust him!! The simplest way of stealing an account is by taking advantage of a naïve owner.
    • If you share the computer, always disconnect (log off) your account (Disconnect or Log off link) when you finish playing and don't save the password with the web browser.
  9. How to choose a good password in order to increase security?

    A password is necessary for the protection of your player account. It must be confidential and it should never be communicated to anybody.

    Most of the accounts are stolen by your circle of friends or contacts, etc.) and thus there is a high probability that they know enough information about you to guess your password.

    It's very important to choose the right password. Please avoid your name, date of birth, or passwords easy to guess (for example, a number sequence as 123456).

    Don't use the same password in all websites, specially in non professional websites.

    A password can contain capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Use them! If you choose right it will be impossible to guess.

  10. My account has been stolen!

    The first thing you should do is to verify that you haven't forgotten the password, or, if your account has been stolen by someone else, recover the new one. Click on the link ''Forgotten password'' on the bottom side of the website where you have the account.

    If the account has been really stolen, log in with the new password and change it.

    If you haven't registered any email in the stolen account, we won't be able to help you since we don't have the means of verifying that your account really belongs to you.

    Please read the following suggestions to avoid this occurring.

  11. I've forgotten my password. What can I do?

    Search the link ''Forgotten password'' on the bottom side of the website on which you've forgotten the password.

    If you have registered an email on your account and accepted password retrievals (enabled by default), the password reminder will send you an email with your account data.

    If you haven't registered any email or it's not valid, you won't be able to recover your password and we won't be able to help you.

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