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HelpMake a PaymentPhone and SMS

  1. How can I pay by phone?

    When you choose to pay by phone, you access a payment means which consists of a phone call with a special rate.

    Call the phone number indicated for your country and listen the message carefully. A code will be dictated. Take note of it and put down the phone.

    This code will allow you to validate the purchase you have made. Enter it in the corresponding form on the website where you want to make your purchase.

    The price of the call, indicated beside the phone number, will be registered in the invoice of your telephone operator.

  2. How can I pay by SMS?

    You only have to send by SMS a word to a special phone number. Both are indicated on the website.

    When you send the SMS, you'll receive a reply which, depending on the country you are in, will ask you to send a second SMS in order to send you the code, or will send it directly to you.

    If it's necessary to send two SMS, it will be clearly indicated in the website instructions.

    Validate the received code in the corresponding form on the website and you'll receive your game tokens.

    Sometimes the reply is not sent immediately. Don't worry, the network might be saturated and it will arrive later on.

    The price of the SMS, indicated in our website beside the number, will be invoiced by your mobile phone operator.

  3. I haven’t received the code, what can I do?

    If you have a problem obtaining a code by phone or SMS, please contact directly our payment provider Rentabiliweb.

    Contact Rentabiliweb

  4. I've sent a SMS but I haven't received any reply nor code. What's going on?

    The SMS system is reliable, but sometimes it is slower than usual. If you don't receive a reply immediately, it should arrive within the next few minutes.

    To be sure, please wait for a few hours for the network to start functioning normally again.

    If, after this wait, you still don't receive anything, contact Rentabiliweb (our payment provider) via our form:

    Contact Rentabiliweb

  5. I've obtained a code, but it doesn't work. What can I do?

    First, check that you haven't typed a wrong code.

    A code has usually 8 characters: numbers and letters (only MTPass have 9 characters).
    Check you haven't copied a wrong code.

    For example, check that you haven't mistaken 0 (zero) with an O (letter).

    Consult your payment history on this website. You'll see all the codes you have entered, even those which are not valid. This should help you.

    If this doesn’t work, contact directly our payment provider Rentabiliweb by using our form. If you give them enough information, they might find your code from the one you send them:

    Contact Rentabiliweb

  6. My code didn't work and now I've forgotten it.

    Consult your payment history on this website. You'll see all the codes you have ever validated, even those which weren't correct. This can help you.

  7. I've no bank card and I would like to pay by SMS, Phone or another payment method (clickandpay, paysafecard, moneybookers, etc.). Nevertheless my country is not in the country list of the payment section. What can I do?

    If your country is not in the list in the payment section, click on the WORLD icon to buy more games:

    You will be able to buy games by bank card exclusively.

    We insert sms and phone call as means of payment for more countries when our payment provider Rentabiliweb is qualified to do that.

    About other payment means, we'll try to insert more when we have the time! :)

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