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HelpMake a Payment

  1. What is Motion Twin?

    Motion Twin is a French company which edits game webs like DinoRPG and Kadokado.

    It is a cooperative society created in 2001. It is registered in the Registry of Business and Commerce in Bordeaux with the number 438 602 187.

    The company is situated in:

    29 Rue Esprit des Lois
    33000 Bordeaux

    For more information about Motion Twin, you can consult its web page.

  2. Do players have to pay for playing?

    No you don’t have to pay for playing.

    However, Motion Twin is a company and as such, must remunerate its employees. For this reason, we have included the option of payment for part of this work.

  3. What are the means of payment which are available?

    The payment section has different methods of payment:

  4. Can minors pay on Motion Twin webs?

    A minor must have an authorization from his parents or legal guardians in order to make payment.

    At the moment of payment, Motion Twin has no means of verification of the parental authorization required in these cases. None of our webs encourage a minor to make a payment without the Express permission of his parents or legal guardians.

    For this reason, it is extremely important that parents and legal guardians pay special attention to the payment sections of our webs.

    If you wish to control your childrens’ use of Internet, use the parental control programmes which restrict access. Nevertheless, we suggest that the best way of dealing with this situation is by talking to your children about the use they make of Internet.

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