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HelpKeep your child safe.

  1. Is this site made for kids?

    The majority of the games made by Motion Twin are destined for everyone to enjoy, adults and children alike. However we would like to draw your attention to and which are not at all aimed at children. A warning is of course presented at sign up for these particular games.

    In any case it is important to supervise your children when they browse the internet and discuss with them what they do there and what they see.

    To help with this, it may be useful to active the parental control options of your PC or of your browser in order to guarantee the reasonable usage of our games, particularly in terms of the time spent playing by your children.

    Our sites also provide certain spaces for discussion between players (forums, chat rooms, private message services, etc.) It's always advised to supervise your children and advise them of the dangers involved with online conversations with strangers.

    Finally, some of the options of our games are only accessible via micropayments. Motion Twin has no way of verifying that the purchases made on the accounts of players were in fact made with the agreement of their parents in the event that the players are minors. Payment history is available on the page "My Payments" of the Support section of our sites. We advise you to monitor this page regularly.

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