Terms and Conditions


The general conditions of use presented here, apply to the web created by the cooperative company Motion Twin SCOPARL. The head office is situated in Bordeaux (France) and is inscribed in the register of commerce and companies of Bordeaux with the number 438 602 187.

Article 1 – Signing-up and account management

Everyone who signs up in this web must accept the current general conditions of use. When signing-up, each user must create his own account and define it with a user’s name and a password which will then enable him to access to his account. The user is responsible for choosing and maintaining his password. Lending the account to a third party is strictly forbidden.

Motion Twin will not be held responsible for any loss caused by loans of accounts to third parties.

By "user" Motion Twin understands only one person.

A user can only have one account.

Minors can only sign-up with the permission of their parents or legal guardians. The use that a minor may make of the web is the total responsibility of their legal guardian.

Article 2 – Areas of exchange between users

This Article applies to all areas of exchange between the web users. The information (images, etc.) sent by the user is his own responsibility. Motion Twin reserves the right to eliminate an element sent by a user, whether it is on his own initiative or that of a third party.

By registering or using the site in any way, you agree the following:

  1. You agree the public order and good conduct.
  2. Against insulting, slanderous, racist, xenophobic, homophobic behaviour or which causes offence to the moral integrity or reputation of another person.
  3. Against the incitement to discrimination, hate towards a person or a group of persons on account of their origin, sexual orientation, being part of or not of a specific ethnic group, nation, race or religion.
  4. Against threats to a person or a group of people.
  5. Against zoophiles or paedophiles.
  6. Against urological or eschatological dispositions, which degrade or cause offence to a person or his integrity.
  7. Against those who incite to commit an offence, a crime, a terrorist act or who justify war crimes or crimes against humanity.
  8. Against those who encourage suicide.
  9. Against permission to third parties to acquire, directly or indirectly, software which have been pirated, or who condone the carrying-out of acts of piracy, such as the intrusion into the computer and telecommunication systems and the creation and distribution of a virus and, in general, of any kind which is liable to cause offence or to cause harm to the rights, security and property of a third party.
  10. Against the violation of private correspondence.
  11. Respect for confidentiality in virtue of a legislative measure or of a judicial act which concerns computer technology, for archives and civil liberties (especially for internal information, privileged information, which constitute a violation of professional secrecy).
  12. Motion Twin reserves the right to keep the registers of exchanges between users for further inspection at a later date.

Article 3 – Access to services

Motion Twin guarantees the correct functioning of its services except in the case of material faults. By this, Motion Twin refers to technical problems which are not under its control; such as the loss of hardware, blocking by a server or any incident which could damage the data stored in equipment.

Motion Twin can modify the nature of its services at any time without previous notification, but it always guarantees that the game remains as it was and that the player does not have to start from the beginning.

Motion Twin can terminate its service but in this case it will notify all the users by means of an announcement in the web. Under no circumstances money will be returned, given the virtual nature of purchase of its services. In other words, Motion Twin does not sell material goods in its service, only the entertainment provided by the game.

In the same way, Motion Twin can interrupt, temporarily or definitively, access to all or part of the web caused by a problem of stability in the technical equipment of the web. If this is foreseen, all the players will be informed by means of an announcement in the web.

Motion Twin cannot guarantee the storage of information of the users account or any other activity relating to the web, given the instability of the technical equipment used by Motion Twin. This instability cannot be anticipated or controlled by Motion Twin.

The user promises to use the services of the web exclusively for the purposes envisaged by Motion Twin. We strongly emphasise that the user promises not to cause damage of any kind, such as the introduction of a virus or the use of systems which could artificially modify data. Motion Twin reserves the right to take legal action in the event of an attack on the integrity of its system.

In the event of a problem of access to the web or to an account, Motion Twin can never give compensation to its users, given the great diversity of users’ means of access to its services (different operative systems, different web browsers, instability of users’ computers, etc.).

Article 4 – Closure of an account

Motion Twin can decide to close the account of one or several users without previous warning or justification. However, the closure of an account will only be used as a sanction which is the result of an abusive use of its service. Some examples of this are as follows: cheating, thefts of accounts, the opening of multiple accounts, fraudulent payment and the lack of respect for the current rules and general conditions.

In the same way, the user can request the closure of his account using the procedure available in the web. In the event of the closure of an account, whether requested by the user or by the decision of Motion Twin, no financial compensation whatsoever will be given to the user by Motion Twin. We strongly emphasise that Motion Twin solely and exclusively sells entertainment from games and not material goods.

Article 5 - Modification

Motion Twin reserves the right to modify the current general conditions of use in order to adapt to the possible evolution of the website. In this eventuality, information will be given in the web to inform everyone of this situation.

The user is responsible for consulting these modifications. If disagreement arises from a modification in the general conditions, the user can request the closure of his account in accordance with Article 4.

Article 6 – Personal data

In application of the French law nº 78-17 of 6 of January, 1978 relating to computer technology, archives and civil liberties, the user has the right to oppose (art. 26 of the law), access (art. 34 a 38 of the law) and of the rectification (art. 36 of the law) of the data which concerns him. Motion Twin has declared in France before the National Commission of Information Technology and Civil Liberties (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) an automated treatment of personal data. Consequently, each user has the right to demand that his personal data be rectified, completed, clarified, brought up to date or erased, if the afore mentioned were inexact, incomplete, incorrect or out of date.

A formal written request must be sent with the data of the person who makes the request, to the address of the Motion Twin Company indicated in Article 1.

Article 7 – Compendium of IP addresses

Motion Twin can keep and use the users IP addresses for later identification of the same at the request of a judicial authority, police or any other legally validated authority.

Article 8 - Property

The software, games, web pages, scripts and graphics currently existing in the web are the sole and exclusive property of Motion Twin.

Article 9 – Legal evidence agreement

Given the express agreement between the user and Motion Twin, the computer systems and archives of Motion Twin will constitute the only means of legally appealing in the event of litigation.